PFD Patch for Laser tattoo removal

Describe® PFD Patch Tattoo Removal.

Allows up to 4x as many passes per treatment session!

A more efficient way to Tattoo Removal Patch entirely in fewer treatments, compared to without the Patch.


Details of the Describe® PFD Patch Tattoo Removal:

  • FDA cleared
  • In a clinical study, 100% of patients who used DESCRIBE® chose to use it for the rest of their treatments.


Benefits for a Patient:

  • Faster results with fewer treatments
  • Less discomfort during Tattoo Removal Patch treatment
  • Allows higher laser fluence for targeting more stubborn ink
  • Ability to do more than 1 pass during a single treatment (Up to 4 passes per treatment with PFD Patch Tattoo Removal)
PFD Patch for Laser Tattoo Removal
Describe PFD Laser Tattoo Removal Patch
PFD Patch for Laser Tattoo Removal Results